ManilART 2013: ManilART For All

At its 5th year, ManilART has successfully positioned itself as the definitive visual art event in the Philippines — indeed the hottest contemporary art fair in the country. ManilART 2013 is at once the venue to support new talent, celebrate icons, and advance art appreciation into the cultural mainstream. Organized by the Bonafide Art Galleries Organization (BAGO) and supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), ManilART 2013 showcases Philippine contemporary art through exhibitions of the country's finest galleries, as well as forums, workshops, and various activities for aficionados, artists, collectors, and investors.

Highlights: ManilART 2013

In the run-up to the show opening, ManilART launched caravans throughout the country so that more artists outside Manila can exhibit as well. Several works by iconic Filipino artists heralded guests into the art fair. Among them: 10,000 Shades by Michael Cacnio; MIST by Impy Pilapil; and abstract pillar sculptures by National Artist Arturo Luz. Meanwhile, the Art Appreciation Walking Tour this year was even more successful than the 2012 edition, with up to 3 sessions for each day of the show. Further, the Gala Night was attended by the country's tastemakers, and aside from lectures, the 2013 show featured a screening of Puti, the narrative film by Mike Alcazaren that features several original paintings by very talented Filipino artists.

Vision & Mission

ManilART envisions to be the Philippines' premier international art fair, showcasing the best in contemporary visual arts for the development and promotion of Filipino art and culture locally and internationally. It aims to elevate the standards and celebrate the Philippine art scene via exhibitions connecting world-class artists, institutions, and the community. read more.

Highlights: ManilART 2012

The 2012 show highlights included the International Night gala for different trade attaches and embassies, a feature on Sotheby's record-breaking artist Ronald Ventura, a valuable discussion on art fraud, the auction of works reinterpreting the Philippine jeepney in partnership with the Jeepney Arts Festival, and a special Walking Tour for bloggers. Charity partners last year were Operation Smile and Isang Litrong Liwanag. read more.


ManilART thrives from the support of our corporate partners, who are as committed to staging an art show that fully represents Philippine talent via events that engage the global market. Our pioneer lecture series, walking tours, and workshops provide art collectors, masters, up-and-coming artists, students, and the expat community insights into our artistic heritage, current trends, and investment opportunities. As a major partner, your company will enjoy broad viewership throughout ManilART 2013. Your involvement can come in myriad forms, from awarding prestigious prizes to sponsoring particular activities at the fair. read more.

Exhibitor Information

Spearheaded by BAGO, a nonstock/nonprofit association that promotes Philippine visual art by organizing art fairs locally and joining shows abroad, ManilART 2013 will feature as many as 30 galleries that carry works of various media, genres, and styles. The full list of exhibitors and artists can be seen here. read more.

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